Monday, February 25, 2013

Skin79 VIP Hot Pink

Product Review: Skin79 VIP Hot Pink

About product:
  • VIP Hot Pink is a BB cream that sets as the base of your makeup and allow your skin to look bright and natural without feeling greasy and tight. 
    • Tangerine Oil provides lively skin. Arbutin helps whitening of skin. Phyto-complex provides nutrition for the skin. Ceraminde3 provides moisture to the skin, Adenosine helps wrinkle improvement, and Osmopur protects the skin.
What I like:
  • Multiple functions and ingredients to treat my skin
  • Easy Pump
  • Comes in various sizes
    • Mines is 40g, which lasts pretty long. If you're a first time buyer, I recommend getting the 5g. 
  • Helps cover light blemishes, acne scars, and a little bit of my freckles
  • Product oxidizes to skin tone 
    • I have to point out that it does have whitening effect, so you could appear one shade lighter than you normally are
  • Triple Function: whitening, UV protecting SPF 25, wrinkle improvement
  • Good for dry skin/combination skin
  • Does not appear to be "cakey" or heavy on face, which is why I like bb cream more than liquid foundation
  • Face looks great in pictures
  • Lightweight makeup

What I dislike:
  • Bottle is not transparent, so it's really hard to tell when you're almost running out
  • Coverage is good for minimal acne scars, pores, freckles, etc. Not as great if you have cystic acne. When applying too much, face can appear to be very pale.
  • Does not come in many shades. If you have medium-dark to dark skin, this product may not be suitable for you, since this product is targeted to Asian skin.

A little background about my skin type:
My skin type is oily/combination, however in the winter, its a mix of dry/combination. This product is my very first BB cream. I bought mines way back when Garnier, Olay, and L'oreal still didn't have their products out in drugstores. I didn't know anything on BB cream so I did a lot of research before jumping on the bandwagon of BB cream. The popular one at that time was Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream and I tried it from my sister, the end result was horrible. It gave coverage but it dried out my skin so bad. So I was looking for something more moisturizing at the same time had coverage. 

I came across two brands that I really want to try: Skin79 and Skinfood. There were more reviews and positive feedback from Skin79 Hot Pink, so that ultimately convinced me that that BB cream is the one for me. I really like it. It was perfect for the summer time. I have very oily skin in the summer so this made my skin look hydrate and natural, at the same that it provided coverage and SPF functioning in the sun. Its perfect for summer because when you're sweaty you don't want your makeup to feel like its melting on your face, this BB cream is very lightweight and it almost feel like you don't have it on at all. This is still my all time favorite, so I highly recommend. For the winter season, I recommend the Skin79 Gold.

Box of Skin79 Hot Pink
Bottle is similar to Skin79 Gold except in Hot Pink color
1. Skin79 Hot Pink
2. A swatch of the Skin79 Hot Pink
3. Grey cast forming
4. Oxidizing Skin79 Hot Pink

*Checked out the review for Skin79 Gold.

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