Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skin79 BB Cream Review Coming Soon!

First of, I have been using BB cream for about a year and over. I just never did a review on it. BB cream seems to be the thing right now and I recently purchased Skin79 VIP Gold, so I thought I do a review on it. In addition to that, I'll also do a review on the Skin79 VIP Hot Pink as well. People who are debating about getting Skin79 usually want a comparison between these two (I have been one of those people), since I am now a user of both products, my feedback, hopefully can help you make your decision. If not, I hope my pictures will convince you of the two.

There will be 3 reviews coming out soon on: 
1) Skin79 VIP Gold 
2) Skin79 VIP Hot Pink 
3) Skin79 VIP Gold v.s. Skin79 VIP Hot Pink

Skin79 VIP Hot Pink and Skin79 VIP Gold
Yay for bb cream!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Happy Chinese New Year!

Just a quick post to wish everybody a Happy Chinese New Year. I know, I know, its still early, but for those of you in the Bay Area, come visit Union Square located in San Francisco Chinatown this coming Saturday, February 2nd. There will be a Lunar New Year event from noon to 6pm featuring some of my favorite Asian American YouTube celebrities.

*Photo taken from Verizon Website
Any of them look familiar to you? Kina Grannis, Jason Chen, Jayne Rio, and New Heights will be performing! Super excited. And let's not forget our lovely host David So and Nicki Sun all sponsored by Verizon.

See you there! 

**Just some update photos

Winter Snowflake

I know a lot of people have been raving about the new dessert place in Fremont or Dublin, depending upon location, so I decided to check this place out and see what's all the hype about. So, most of my usual night adventures revolve mainly on a Friday, I mean, com'on, its a Friday. Needless to say, that this popular dessert hangout spot was going to be crowded. Let's start out with dinner at Pho Ao Sen, if you didn't get the clue yet, yea, we ate some good ol' pho. What's after dinner is our little night run to our "must try" place at Snowflake, a Taiwanese-based dessert spot. They serve a variety of milk tea, shaved ice, and brick toast. If you clicked this post, possibly to see a real snowflake, boy are you in the wrong direction because I have deceived you! There is no snowflake here, just food.

Food Review: Snowflake

  • Too bad I didn't get a picture of the sign, my one word description would be --- unappealing. I really like the interior. First of, the lighting inside is dimmed down to set a causal mood. There were herds of people, ranging from high schoolers to mostly college folks. The worst time to come would probably have to be right after dinner, which is probably around 8 or 9pm, which also happens to be the time we arrived. The best time would probably be around 10pm, when the crowd dies down (or perhaps the younguns got their curfew).
    • Assuming that it would take 45 minutes as estimated by the waiter, we left for a night scroll at a nearby Target, only to return 40 minutes later, that our names on the waiting list have been called. Note to self: Expect waiting time fluctuations. Eventually we got our seats. No biggie.
  •  Wondering about their seatings? There were two big tables and several 4 seater tables. There were even tables outside with lamp post heaters to keep you warm. The only catch for outsiders is to be prepared for bystanders waiting for their seats. They're like eagles staring down at their prey. Haha kidding. 
  •  With that many people to attend to, the service just went down-hill. Food takes way too long to be served.
  • What was good about being seated is that the waiting seems shorter when there's loads of games to choose from.
    • And what do you know, we got a table right next to gamestop. Games includes: mancala, connect four, sorry, jenga, checkers. We settle for some chinese checkers (dang, its been awhile). Game face on!
  • I got an Earl Grey milk tea with tapioca. It looks really nice in that fancy bottle but it wasn't that good. Tapioca pearls was even more depressing.
Snowflake Earl Grey Milk Tea with Tapioca

  • Dessert#1 Green Tea Shaved Ice with Red Bean + lychee on the side
    •  This is probably the only dessert I would come here for. Green tea with red bean was spot on! Lychee on the side is not necessary, but good to chomp on.
Snowflake Green Tea Shaved Ice with Red Bean + lychee

  • Dessert #2 Macaron Party Honey Toast
    • Brick toast was one of the reasons I came here, but what a disappointment. You taste like bread with ice cream...literally. The only nice thing I have to say is you look good for my blog fans.
Macaron Party Honey Brick Toast

Monday, January 28, 2013

Check It Out!

Recently, a good friend of mine has recommended me to ask you guys to check out her friend's site. So before you go, it better not be spam or a virus infested site, let me explain what this site is all about. 

Miss&Miss is a start-up jewelry site created by two sisters. Everything is handmade, so if you're one of those people that really enjoy personalized handcrafted jewelry, you should go check it out. Let me remind you that this is a start-up and relatively new. Therefore, there is not a huge selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Right now, there is a Valentine's Day discount going on for selected items, so if you are interested, it is the best time to purchase.

My personal opinions about it:

What I like:
  • Unique jewelry
  • Handmade
  • Can design your own jewelry
  • Price --- Did I mention that there is free shipping. 
  • Free Repair, however, you are responsible for the postage to be sent back to them
What I dislike:
  • Not a huge selection
  • Pay-pal only
  • Free Repair, however, you are responsible for the postage to be sent back to them
So to give you guys an idea about their jewelry, here are some pictures.

If you have questions or comments about their website, leave me a message below. Happy Shopping! ~

Eat Real Festival

Oakland's eat real festival has been one of the best food events I have been to. Yea, I know this was way back in September, but I haven't blogged about it, so I thought it would be pretty cool to talk about it. I remember this was during the weekends and boy, was it a nice sunny day. Practically people that don't come out, came out. Streets that were usually empty, filled with trucks and people. And the food, everywhere. I have to saw that the worst part of the whole event was parking. It took me awhile circling street after street to find some parking. Lucky for those that are can just walk from their location. But with all the food trucks and food, it was so worth it!  Check out the list of participating food trucks and if you have a favorite in that list or might want to check out, go to their website and track down their schedule (sorry, only the Bay Area folks). 

Food Truck Review: Koja

What I got: 
  • Korean BBQ Short Rib
    • Made with crispy and soft rice, short ribs, and lettuce. The combination of the ingredients was all too familiar. It was like clay pot rice with some lettuce and Korean beef. I admit that, overall, it was pretty good for the taste. And obviously, appearance was what tempted me to try it in the first place. However, I will not be eating this again.

Koja Korean BBQ Short Rib

  • Kamikaze Fries
    • First of, let me just say that I am a huge HUGE fan of fries! And with that said, this was absolutely delicious! I have no idea what that white sauce is but other than that, it seems to made of criss-cut fries, beef, some hot sauce mixed with some Korean sauce.
    • So instead of a chili cheese fries, think of it as a Korean beef sauce fries. Basically, its an Asian fusion type of food. If you enjoy that, this is probably what you want to try. And yes, I would definitely get my fries again.

Koja Kamikaze Fries

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Food Truck

I was around the neighborhood of Jack London Square doing some business. Boy, was I hungry and it just so happen to be on a Saturday and that means FOOD TRUCK! I wouldn't have known there would be food trucks on that street if I wasn't looking for parking. Yep, took me awhile to find some free parking. I can't quite remember the names of the other food trucks but there was a burger truck, dessert truck, and Mediterranean truck. I didn't really crave for any of those options, but I did opted for the Indian truck.

Food Truck: Curry Up Now

What I got
  • Sexy Fries aka Chicken Tikka Masala Sweet Potato Fries
    • Consists of: Criss-cut sweet potato fries, onions, chicken, secret curry sauce
    • If you are craving for some Indian food and also like sweet potato fries, this is the next best thing! It has the good ol' curry flavor and the potatoes. What makes it so good is that the sweet potato are criss-cut fries, you literally get the crunchy texture that lacks in regular curry dishes. Also, their substitution of french fries with sweet potatoes fries is a +1. 
      • I did, however, dislike the chicken. It was really dry, which made it hard to chew. And I'm not a fan of raw onions.

Curry Up Now

Chicken Tikka Masala Sexy Fries

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