Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eating like a Fat Fish

Weekends are my best friends. It is the time for relaxation and spending quality leisure time. Unfortunately with a busy week, I didn't make any plans for the weekend. A last minute weekend plan usually narrows it down to eating out, especially going to try new places. 

Restaurant Review: Fatfish 
What a cute name for a sushi restaurant! Heard about the cheap prices and fair portions about this place and was tempted to give it a try.

The Orders:

Appetizer: Poki Salad 
Seaweed salad mixed with chucks of spicy tuna with a side of lettuce and turnip strips
Poki Salad
  • The Poki Salad consists of seaweed salad, chucks of spicy tuna, piece of lettuce, turnip strips, and cucumber mixed with secret sauce.
  • It was probably the best dish that day. The dish was bursting with flavor. It was super saucy, even when the dish had wakame and spicy tuna. Every bite you take, you get the same burst of taste. It was so good that I was tempted to order another plate, despite all the other rolls my friends ordered.
  • The only drawback for this dish was the spicy tuna. Its not as fresh as other places but for the price, it is a great appetizer to start your meal.
  • Cost: $4.25
Chick Review (out of 5):

Sushi: Cherry Blossom
Sushi roll with salmon, avocado topped with tuna and tobiko. Seven sushi pieces shaped like a flower
Cherry Blossom
  • Cherry Blossom roll consists of raw tuna, raw salmon, avocado, and tobiko. 
  • The roll was a super disappointment. First of, I would have loved that raw salmon was wrapped on the outside than the inside. Second, if the raw fish was wrapped in the inside, could it be a tad bit bigger. When you take a bite out of this, you pretty much get dry and tasteless sushi; I only tasted rice.
  • Cost: $ 7.25
 Chick Review (out of 5):

Sushi roll of 8. California roll topped with avocado, unagi, and tobiko
  • Ichibang roll consists of unagi, avocado, hamachi, tobiko, crab. 
  • The roll was okay, nothing really special. This roll was disappointing, I had hope for a burst of flavor coming from the unagi and hamachi. I could taste the flavor from the unagi and crab, but the hamachi was so small that the taste was lacking. The crab mixed with mayo pretty much overpowered it.  
  • Cost: $9.95 
 Chick Review (out of 5):

Bay Island
California roll topped with baked salmon and tobiko
Lion King
  • Bay island roll consists of california roll topped with a layer of baked scalloped and tobiko.
  • The roll is super delicious. It is also visually appealing. Similar to the poki salad, this roll is saucy. Its drizzled with sweet glaze sauce and big scallops. I really like the flavor and it complements the scallops very well.
  • Cost: $ 7.95 
Chick Review (out of 5):

Lion King
California roll topped with baked scalloped.
Bay Island
    • Lion King roll is similar to the bay island roll. It consists of the california topped with baked salmon and tobiko.
    • The roll is also very delicious. It is unique in terms of visual appearances. You can tell that the top layer is torched to a crispy brown. Each bite you taste is saucy with flavor.
    • Cost: $ 7.65
     Chick Review (out of 5):

    And since its the weekend, the eating doesn't either. After dropping by the mall and used excessive amounts of energy walking back and forth, we stopped by a nearby California Pizza Kitchen. It may be shocking to some of you, but I never tried this place before. I am super excited to be finally able to!

    Restaurant Review: California Pizza Kitchen

    Chinese Chicken Salad
    Picture of Chinese Chicken Salad.
    Chinese Chicken Salad
    • Salad had napa and red cabbage, lettuce, chicken breast, wontons, green onion, cilantro, sesame seed with hoisin ginger vinaigrette.
    • If you know me, I prefer meat over veggie any day, but today I had a sudden crave for salad. I dislike American dressing like ranch and cesar, its repugnant to me. Although, thousand island dressing seems to be an exception. This salad fits my unusual taste buds. Its sweetly flavored and the wontons adds an extra plus to the whole dish.
    • Cost: I ordered a full salad around $13.00 
    Chick Review (out of 5):

    The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza
    Picture of the Original BBQ Chicken Pizza
    BBQ Chicken Pizza
    • Pizza was made of BBQ chicken, smoked gouda, red onion, cilantro.   
    • What an unique flavored pizza. Instead of the traditional tomato-based sauce on the dough, its replaced with BBQ sauce. Its zapping with tangy and spicy flavor! Yums. The pizza was spot on.
    • Cost: I ordered a full pizza around $13.00  
    Chick Review (out of 5):

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