Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday Eat Outs #1

I already showed you some of my birthday gifts, but I haven't showed you the main course. My favorite part of birthdays is always the food. For this year, I already had my mind set on Texas Roadhouse for some juicy steak. 

Food Review: Texas Roadhouse

What I ordered: 
  • Rib-eyed Steak 
    • You can not make this at home. The tenderness and juiciness of the steak is right on! I got medium rare and its just the way I like it. 
  • Ribs
    • I got to say that if this entree offers both steak and ribs simultaneously, the steak out-beat the ribs by a dozen. I got to say that the ribs were tender and it came right off the bone, which gives it a clean finish. Ribs just can't beat steak.
  • Side #1: A Cup of Chili
    • I am a big chili fan. You give me cheddar and crackers mix it all in with the steamy chili and you got yourself a fan right here. It was so good, I had a blink second that I want an extra order home.
  • Side #2: Loaded Baked Potato
    • This little guy is so much better than the one I ordered at Wendy's. The whole potato was so soft and steamy. I had the loaded on bacon, cheese, and sour cream. It was so yummy, besides the fact that there were way too much sour cream and cheese.
  • Overall, by the end of the meal, I was bloated. I couldn't even finish the half of my meal. How do people even finish this in one go? It was definitely not meant for one serving. Servers were so friendly and I even got a chance to see the workers do their little live dancing gig. Awesome!
    • Don't forget to arrive early. The waiting time was 45 minutes!

We are here!
Texas Road House
Frozen Peach Margarita
Sweet bread with yogurt flavored cream
Cup of chili with cheddar and cracker

Rib-eyed Steak & Rib with loaded baked potato
To-go Bag. Way too much food!

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