Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sashimi Lovers

I will always crave for sashimi. Some may find the thought of eating a piece of raw fish appalling and disgusting, but I absolutely love love the freshness of the fish. I went out with some friends and decided to go for some Japanese cuisine.

As you can see this little place already attracts customers with their intricate artwork. Yojimbo is probably one of the hidden places in Oakland.

The artwork really makes you feel like you're in Japan
Even Bruce Lee is on display (see far right)

The spicy pork ramen in miso soup looks so yummy! This was not my order but I wish it was.
Pork Ramen with miso soup

Although my order is not bad either! Look at the amount of sashimi piled on! It was delicious and for only $12. And not to mention the rice. It was the best rice I ever tried, well sushi rice at least. I could even eat it alone if I want to, that's how good it was for me.

Oh my oh my, my chirashi
 The chirashi also came with a side of miso soup!

Let's not forget the miso soup on the side

Spirited Away~

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Hunting Season

Happy Easter Everyone!

Before the Easter weekend, I decided to do a little something at work with a few coworkers. We bought a few bags of chocolate egg candies, fake grass, and cupcake holders. We had the idea that it would be fun to build a small egg nest for our staffs. Not to mention that we also made cute little name card holders.

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