Monday, February 25, 2013

How To See My Blog in Dynamic View

Blogspot has made it possible to view my blog and contents in new ways called Dynamic View. For me, I started blogspot using the original view and by me enabling this features makes my blog different from how I want to express my theme. The different views does give my blog a fresh and more professional mood to it, which I do like, however, there are limitations to certain features, such as a music playlist. I will not be enabling this feature anytime soon, however, there are still ways you can view my blog with this feature.

What you have to do to see my blog in dynamic view:
  • Simply add /view to the end of my weblink. 
  • Look at the upper left hand corner, you will see sidebar. Place mouse over it and the rest of the views will be available for you to view.
  • Click on one of the views to see my blog differently.

or click below for the view you want to see (total of 7 views)
*Some features in the dynamic view may redirect you back to my original blog because I have not enable the dynamic view feature.

  • The left hand side shows a list of my blog posts and center shows the main post.

  • In classic view, you will see the most recent blog post as the main page. As you scroll down, the previous post will show and after that the previous of the previous post will show. You will end up scrolling all the way down to the very first post that I have posted.

  • Flipcard is an interesting view. When you place your mouse over my pictures, it will show the title of the post and the date of the post. 
    • You can also change the category according to Recent, Date, Label, or Author. My snapshot shows the category Recent.

  • In magazine view, you get to see a picture of my blog post with a short description of each post next to it. You get a chance to preview the post before clicking into one.

  • In mosaic view, you basically see all my pictures in different sizes arrange like a mosaic. Once you click on one of the pictures, the entire post will pop-up on top and the mosaic will still remain at the end of the post.

  • Snapshot view shows all the pictures in polaroids. When you click on one of the pictures, the post will pop in front of you. 

  • In timeline view, everything is arranged from earliest to the latest in the following format seen in the snapshot above.

And that concludes all the 7 views. If you have a particular view that you really like, please write a comment below and I will consider switching my blog to that view :D

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