Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween Scare

Halloween was last month but I never got to share my little adventure in Dixon. Many may not know but the Dixon corn maze is one of the largest on the 2007 World Guinness record book. It’s a great way to get lost and try to find your way out, sort of reminds me of one of the harry potter maze. The maze is only open during the Halloween season, which is more of a thriller if you go at night.

Dixon Corn Maze --- 2007 Guinness Book World Record

Starting Point of Corn Maze
Even directions seem like a maze
Upon arrival, you can purchase your entrance pass for $10 for the maze. There is also a grass maze for younger kids. Your only instructions are the one page map that you will hold on so dearly throughout the journey. The map is coordinated by alphabets and numbers like chess moves (E12 or JJ2). Throughout the path, there will be markers buried on the ground to indicate your location against the map. You will find yourself either strolling on the right path or backtracking around the same area figuring out which way to take.
Guess the Symbols
I had a funny experience where my group had to take a slight pause since we were absolutely lost. A group of young children was running through the maze and shouting to my group, “You guys should just follow us, this is the right way.” Our initial reaction was hesitation since the way they were going didn’t seem right for our intuition. Luckily, we opt for a different path because boy, were they going the wrong direction. 

It’s a great fun activity for friends and families.

If the maze is not appealing, maybe these scenic views will urge you to think twice.

Maze Safe-zone #2: Complete!

Mesmerizing Sun-set

Again, beautiful scenic view
Giant (fake) pumpkin

Holiday Drinks BOGO

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Friday, November 15, 2013

All About Lips

I am reviewing two products: Rosebud Salve lip balm and Color Whisper lipstick

Rosebud Salve
The gift that I received comes in a pack of three in a tin can. The one that I have given a chance to try was the minted rose. It reminds of EOS, where you just open it up and start smearing it on your lips, except  rosebud salve is more hydrating.

You can get these at urban outfitter. Its 2 for $12 for one lip balm. This was given to me by a friend so I'm not too sure how much the whole would cost.


The next product I have is the Color whisper by Maybelline. I got the made-it mauve which is a very pretty dark red-ish pink color. Its great to wear on a daily basis or even on a nice day out. Did I mention that it is very hydrating.

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