Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cupcake Sweet tooth

Today was a family shopping day! We took a trip to visit the Stanford shopping mall. We did a bit of shopping. We didn’t know a surprise was waiting for us at the corner. It was Sprinkles cupcake!

My sister and I just wanted a small snack so we each got ourselves a mini cupcake ($3.00). One in red velvet and the other black & white (assuming vanilla and chocolate).

Honestly, I wasn’t amused with the cupcake. It was soft and fluffy and the cream was flavorful and sweet, but it was missing the “wow” factor for me, especially when it was expensive for a bite size. I do have to give props for how cute they look. See for yourself.

Mini Cupcake
Top view of mini cupcake
Selection of Cupcakes
More Selection of Cupcakes


  1. Hi Mel,

    This is Nini. Hope you are well. I just found out your message on my blog....Stupid blogger did not notify me about it and I am very very sorry about my late reply. Have you visited Hong Kong after you dropped the message asking about souvenirs?

    X N

  2. also can you add an email subscription on your blog so I can follow? Or if you have a facebook page or something would be great too :)
    X N

  3. Nini, an email subscription has been added. Thanks for the suggestion! And your blog has some great ideas for gifts from Hong Kong.


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