Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skin79 BB Cream Review Coming Soon!

First of, I have been using BB cream for about a year and over. I just never did a review on it. BB cream seems to be the thing right now and I recently purchased Skin79 VIP Gold, so I thought I do a review on it. In addition to that, I'll also do a review on the Skin79 VIP Hot Pink as well. People who are debating about getting Skin79 usually want a comparison between these two (I have been one of those people), since I am now a user of both products, my feedback, hopefully can help you make your decision. If not, I hope my pictures will convince you of the two.

There will be 3 reviews coming out soon on: 
1) Skin79 VIP Gold 
2) Skin79 VIP Hot Pink 
3) Skin79 VIP Gold v.s. Skin79 VIP Hot Pink

Skin79 VIP Hot Pink and Skin79 VIP Gold
Yay for bb cream!

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