Monday, January 28, 2013

Eat Real Festival

Oakland's eat real festival has been one of the best food events I have been to. Yea, I know this was way back in September, but I haven't blogged about it, so I thought it would be pretty cool to talk about it. I remember this was during the weekends and boy, was it a nice sunny day. Practically people that don't come out, came out. Streets that were usually empty, filled with trucks and people. And the food, everywhere. I have to saw that the worst part of the whole event was parking. It took me awhile circling street after street to find some parking. Lucky for those that are can just walk from their location. But with all the food trucks and food, it was so worth it!  Check out the list of participating food trucks and if you have a favorite in that list or might want to check out, go to their website and track down their schedule (sorry, only the Bay Area folks). 

Food Truck Review: Koja

What I got: 
  • Korean BBQ Short Rib
    • Made with crispy and soft rice, short ribs, and lettuce. The combination of the ingredients was all too familiar. It was like clay pot rice with some lettuce and Korean beef. I admit that, overall, it was pretty good for the taste. And obviously, appearance was what tempted me to try it in the first place. However, I will not be eating this again.

Koja Korean BBQ Short Rib

  • Kamikaze Fries
    • First of, let me just say that I am a huge HUGE fan of fries! And with that said, this was absolutely delicious! I have no idea what that white sauce is but other than that, it seems to made of criss-cut fries, beef, some hot sauce mixed with some Korean sauce.
    • So instead of a chili cheese fries, think of it as a Korean beef sauce fries. Basically, its an Asian fusion type of food. If you enjoy that, this is probably what you want to try. And yes, I would definitely get my fries again.

Koja Kamikaze Fries

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