Thursday, September 6, 2012

Midnight Meal Run

Last week, it was an overwhelming week with large amounts of cleaning and packing the apartment. I was moving back home and everything needed to be in boxes, even the cooking utensils. So what's for dinner?! Baldos, a Mexican Restaurant is the answer. I get my usual Carne Asada fries. Mm Mmm Good. Pretty unhealthy but its delicious. Although I'm not a big fan of cheese.

  • Carne Asada Fries
    • A pretty high calorie meal. Not for the faint of heart.
    • Consists of two sauces: Green sauce and Red sauce. 
      • Green sauce has more jalapeno taste to it, which gives it a more spicy taste, whereas the red sauce has more pepper and chili taste, which taste more flavorful to me.
    • Consists of carne asada (grilled beef), avocado, fried potato ( french fries), sour cream, and cheese.
My Dinner
The two kinds of sauce: Green sauce and Red sauce
Getting ready to chow!
Where's my avocados?
Oh, there you are. Trying to hide...

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