Monday, September 17, 2012

Food Adventure in Berkeley

Today, my sister took me around Berkeley to explore some of the best foods in town. I imagine that the business here must be doing well with all the college students roaming around. To begin, I was not familiar with the place whatsoever, and I had no expectations of any sort, which means I am not expecting much. However, I did had my mind set on a drink, because I was extremely thirsty.

And off we go....

1. French Hotel Cafe
  • Ordered a Vanilla Latte...yes, my very usual. And yes, not the best way to cure a thirst, but I wanted one. Although, I care not for the espresso, I do enjoy my source of vitamin D in steamed milk. 
    • It was very delicious and well-made. It reminded me of the times I sat at Common Grounds and had a cup of their Vanilla Latte. 

2. Gregoire with an accent on the first letter "e".
  • Famous for their potato puffs. 
    • It was the first time I had heard of these food. Its shaped in circular form filled with mashed potato, except the exterior outer shell is deep fried to give it that crispy texture as you bite in to it.
      • Basically, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside
  • Cost: Approximately $4.50 for 10 potato puffs
  • When ordered to-go, there's a set of metal looking fork, which in fact, is plastic

3. Masse's Pastries
  • My very first time trying some Macarons. I ordered two.
  • One being blueberry
    • Looks like the tray was almost empty with this one, let's give it a try. It was rather too sweet for my liking. Its the same feeling where you're eating a cream cake that was way too sweet. As for the blueberry flavor, I had hardly tasted any, if there were any.
  • Second being pistachio
    • Surprisingly good for a green-looking dessert. The cream was deliciously good with the light outer shell. There were also bits of pistachio sprinkled all around for a nutty taste (which I like very much). However, I do have to point out that there wasn't a strong taste of pistachio.
  • Cost: Approximately $1.25 for one piece.

Gregoire Logo
My First Bite
Gregoire's famous potato puffs
..includes a flavorful fatty sauce, which tasted like
tartar sauce and mayonnaise mixed together.
<I heard they change their sauce monthly>

At Masse's Pastries
Left in Green - Pistachio
Right in Purple - Blueberry
This will not be the last of my Berkeley visits, so stay following for more exciting food trips in this little college town.

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