Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dollar Tree Deals

Today I went to the Dollar Tree for a stroll. I didn't expect to buy anything particularly special, just because its the Dollar Tree. However, there were a few hidden goodies that I saw and was tempted into buying. 

1. L.A. Art Deco
  • Art Deco is a fast-drying nail polish. 
  • It contains a thin tip for decorating and designing purposes. 
  • Can be used for detailed artwork.
    • Tip: A white Art Deco would be perfect for creating perfect-looking French Tip.
2. Clip on Light --- Same LED Travel Lights or Kindle Reader Lights selling on eBay
  • I bought it for my Kindle Touch. Dollar Tree calls it Travel Lights; eBay calls it Kindle Reading Lights. I personally use it for my Kindle Touch. It was cheaper than buying it on eBay. I bought it for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree and eBay users sell it for around $4.00. I got a GREAT DEAL! If anyone is considering about a nighttime reading light on their Kindle, I recommend checking out a local Dollar Tree store or 99 cent store, unless you don't mind the extra 2 bucks.
  • Here's a link to one of the users that sell the same product that I bought eBay LED Light.
    • Cons: You need 3 "AG13" 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (which are the tiny circle batteries). Cannot use rechargeable batteries. Not sure how long these battery will last, I will update on that. However, it does include a set when you first buy one.

Art Deco original packaging 
Close-up shot with no flash
Close-up shot with flash
Black Art Deco
Pink Art Deco
LED Kindle Touch Light --- Forgot to take the original packaging
but this was taken right  after un-wrapping.
I got too excited.
Pressing the side "Open" button yields an automatic rising of the light's head
Blinding bright lights. Perfect for night reading.
LED Kindle Light attachment on a Kindle Touch
A youtube video that I found on the mechanical LED Kindle Light
Skip to 0:42 seconds to see the LED Light demonstration

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