Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

1. I have very dry lips
2. Dry enough that it gets chapped and peeled. eww.
3. I have to put on lip balm occasionally 
4. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter is awesome! Although I tend to put on lip balm before the lip butter just to keep the moisture on my lips last longer

I recently bought two colors from the Revlon ColorBurst Lip butter collection after hearing positive feedback about it. So yes, I gave in and bought one. The first one that I bought was Sugar Frosting, just because I like to play it safe. I tend to avoid bold colors like red and hot pink. I like a more natural kind of look. I don't wear alot of make-up so this is the perfect lipstick for me. Sugar Frosting is a very sheer lip color. Its like a lip balm with shimmer.

After trying the Sugar Frosting, I decided that I should slowly invest in this collection. I bought Strawberry Shortcake. It's a more barbie like type of pink color on the lips. However, I have a medium skin tone, which makes the pink perfect on my lips. If you have much fairer skin, the Strawberry Shortcake will be like a pastel pink, much like a Malibu Barbie. 

If you haven't tried this collection, I highly recommended it. It's like a lipstick with hydration, keeping my lips moist and luscious. And believe me, my lips are dry all the time. If you have dry lips like mines, I say go try out one yourself and let me know how it goes. It cost ~ $8.00 at your local drugstore. Happy Shopping :) 

As said above, my skin is a medium tone.
You can see Sugar Frosting in the far-left and
Strawberry Shortcake as the  middle one.
Right: 080 Strawberry Shortcake
Left: 005 Sugar Frosting
The overall packaging. You can see that the fading sticker on the
Sugar Frosting indicates that I had it for a pretty long time.
A top view
The colors without the cap

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