Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Low Maintenance Companion

Not too long ago, I had a betta fish named Grumpy. He was a feisty little fella. Grumpy was a fast swimmer and loves to interact with people. He likes to follow you wherever you go, especially your finger. Unfortunately, he came down with a fetal disease called dropsy and he was lost.

Yesterday, I happen to be around Petco and I decided that its time to get a new pet for my empty fish tank. 

Here's to the birth of Curbie!

Curbie is a calm loving delta tail male betta fish. He can be lazy and he loves to sleep on the plants. He loves to interact with people, but if your finger gets too close to his personal space, he gets pretty mad. He will start flaring at you or may back away until safe. He likes to just sit and stare sometimes. So far, he loves all his food, I guess he's not a picky eater.

*Pictures will be updated. 

Delta Tail Betta Fish
Delta Tail Betta Fish
First Bought!

Delta Tail Male Betta Fish
Look at his pretty tail!

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