Sunday, March 3, 2013

Birthday Eat Outs #2

Don't you just love celebrating other people's birthdays? 
I do. And I really mean it when I do. First of, it makes me feel appreciated as either a friend or family or a special significant other when I am invited.  I congratulate you if you are also invited to a birthday party/celebration because you are now, a special place in that person's life. Not to mention that its always a blast when you share that special moment with each other.

Yesterday I happen to have a birthday celebration! I celebrated my friend's birthday at an Italian restaurant.

Restaurant Review: Trattoria La Siciliana

Trattoria Food SignInterior of the restaurant. People sitting and eating

What I ordered:

  • Bread & Olive Oil Dip
    • Bread was very hard to break apart but the hardness makes a great complimentary chew to it when you dip it in the oil olive. 
    • Olive oil dip is so good! I hate garlic with all my heart, I will gag if you make me eat it. To my utmost surprise, I enjoyed the flavorful cooked garlic and herb dip on my bread. It will probably be the only time you see me eat garlic...with excitement.
Two loaves of bread
Complimentary Bread
Olive oil with herbs dip
Olive Oil & Herb Dip
Pink carnations in a white vase
Carnations Decor
  • Scalloped Potatoes
    • Nothing that special. The flavor was like a spaghetti sauce except on potatoes and not on pasta. The pasta might have been covered with a little too much dribble of olive oil.
    • Cost: $7
Scalloped potatoes drizzled with oil and cilantro
Scalloped Potatoes

  • Pork Shoulder (sorry forgot the name) served with potatoes in a gravy sauce
    • I would say this dish is very savory with the gravy sauce. The pork shoulder was cooked tenderly, you can break apart the meat without using much knife force. The potatoes was absolutely savory. 
      • However, the dish is not completely satisfactory because it was just too salty. I feel like I had to drink water after every bite or else I feel like I'm just eating a whole bunch of salt. 
    • Cost: $16
Pork shoulder with herbs sprinkled on
Pork Shoulder with potatoes

Friend's order:
>I won't be going into details
  • Linguini Tutto Mare
    • Consists of manila clams, P.E.I, mussels, shrimp, calamari, fresh tomato sauce, italian parsley 
    • I really like the pasta taste. It was not too tomatoey, but still had the essence of tomato taste in it. This pasta was made slightly toward the sweeter end. The mussels was spot-on, it was tender and juicy, without the excessive chew.
    • Cost: $16
Tomato based pasta with clams, shrimp and herbs sprinkled on top
Linguini Tutto Mare

  • Linguini Al Lido
    • Consists of lightly fried eggplant sweet onion, tomato sauce, herbs, choice of fresh diced fresh swordfish or wild Alaskan salmon 
    • This pasta was more heavy on tomato taste and herbs, so it tasted like a more traditional flavorful pasta dish.
    • Cost: $15
Tomato based pasta with salmon and fish. Herbs sprinkled on top
Linguini Al Lido

  • Linguini Al Pesto Con Gamberi
    • Consists of Rosa's award winning basil pesto, shrimp, grana, cream, pine nuts
    • I love pesto. The pesto sauce was very creamy, maybe a little too creamy for my liking, nevertheless it was a yummy dish. 
    • Cost: $14
Pesto based pasta. Creamy green appearance all over
Linguini Al Pesto Con Gamberi

  • Chocolate Souffle
    • I imagine that a chocolate souffle would have chocolate melt onto the plate when you cut the dessert piece in half, but no, that's not what I got. It was just a gooey texture of chocolate that had a hard time flowing out. I was disappointed but it was delicious.
    • When you take a bite, you taste a fluffy chocolate brownie with warm chocolate goo, followed by a stash of light whip cream, gives you sweetness all mouthful.
Chocolate Souffle (left). whipped cream with fudge drizzled on top (right)
Chocolate Souffle

  • Tiramisu
    • I tasted Safeway tiramisu before, but this takes it up a notch. It was so rich with flavor yet it had a lightness of cream at the end.
Tiramisu with fudge drizzled on

  • Coffee Ice Cream with Biscotti  
    • I have to say that the placement of this dessert is beautifully made. I love the layers of white and light brown with two sticks of biscotti biscuit.
    • You basically have yourself a coffee whip creamed ice cream and a snack of biscotti as a crunch balance to this gorgeous creamy dessert.
Cup with ice cream and coffee. Biscotti placed on top
Coffee Ice Cream with Biscotti

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