Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brunch Delight

Weekend brunches simply put are, the BEST. I get my full nights rest plus the additional sleep-ins. By the time you actually pushed yourself to wake up, breakfast hours are long overdue, which makes brunch the next best thing.

I arrived at 900 Grayson before noon and still had to wait around forty minutes to be seated. That just means brunch is that prevalent on weekends, but of course, the tiny restaurant itself was already one of the busiest.

Upon arrival, you can immediately smell a whiff of the toasty fried chicken. Yums!

900 Grayson Store Front
Since its brunch I ordered the original famous chicken and waffles called the Demon Lover for $13.00. It is a spicy buttermilk fried Fulton Valley chicken paillard on top of the buttermilk waffle with either the old-fashioned cream gravy or the Vermont maple syrup. I got their signature cream gravy. If you want to venture the challenge of trying out the gravy and syrup, by all means, that is an option as well.

The chicken paillard was very moist and had a layer of crisp to it. Surprisingly, the chicken was boneless as opposed to the traditional chicken and waffles. I enjoyed not having to pick at the bones. Although the waffle was not made to be crunchy, it was soft and fluffy. The cream gravy was delicious! Add that all together for the first bite and you get a savory combo.

Demon Lover
Tempted by their herb French fries, I ordered a side with my entrée for $4.00. The waiter said she loved the combination of the demon lover with French fries. Unfortunately, the French fries actually fall below my par. It was missing my favorite crunch factor. The thing I can say that was good was the taste; it was very well-seasoned, not too salty or bland.

Side of Herb French Fries
All in all, it was a very delightful family restaurant to enjoy brunch.

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