Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Camp Trip ☼

What I prefer to do every year, at least one time if not more is to embrace Mother Nature. Sometimes being in a city can be a little overwhelming with cars, buildings, and people. Camping is sort of like an escape from modernization. It’s a step back into living with what you already have and not what you need. I enjoy it because it reminds me that life can be much simpler. 

My camping trip was back in June and our campsite was located at Del Valle campground in the Livermore area. As for the weather, the heat was way more prevalent there compared to what I am accustomed to; perfect feel for the summer. Prior to the trip, reservation booking is always a must, especially during the summer, people are always hawking at the screen when spots are open! Luckily, my group ended up with a pretty good location, not too far from the bathroom or shower. 

Day 1 --- Upon arrival, we had some fun setting up our tents. By the time we finish, we were too exhausted from the heat to do anything but sit and enjoy nature. Late afternoon became the best time to hike up some mountains. I caught a glimpse of two deer bouncing on the edge of the steep hill. It’s amazing how these animals have hoofs to prevent them from falling! Reaching mid-way gave way to a great view. Our destination was a beautiful pond of water. Our night time entertainment became sitting around the fire and melting smores.

Day 2 --- More hiking is what’s up! But this time we have a destination; it was to kayaks and boats. My first time kayaking was more tiring than I had imagined. Nevertheless, it was a nice ride considering my partner did most of the paddling. Hehe. After that, seeing the kids have so much fun in the water brings upon a thought that I need to be in it myself. Yep, I swam in the lake and it was surprisingly warm. As always we ended the day with a great BBQ dinner and melting smores.

Day 3 --- Last morning meal at camp and packing up to leave.

It was a short trip that lasted fast. The feeling of camping is great because of the fresh air and animals surrounding the neighborhood. It felt like a real vacation even though it was being out for two nights only.

Setting up a 10 person tent
Enjoying the afternoon sun

Hiking Adventure

West Beach

More Hiking

Enjoying the view

Kayak Territory

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