Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show: SF Edition Pt.1

Today's talk is all about beauty. There are many beauty gurus out there looking for the latest and trendiest products to try and review. As for me I'm not so much into testing new products; I like to stick to what I know will work. For all the major beauty gurus as well as folks similar to me out there, you cannot miss the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show. I believe it happens every year in various locations and San Francisco is usually the last location of the season. As fortunate to attend my first trend show, I advise many of my readers to participate in one. Not only is it free, you get a chance to hear about the latest hit products from top notch brands. What most of you will enjoy the most is the free giveaways throughout the show. The show starts in the morning at 8am, which is a bummer considering it is on a weekend, but trust me, it is worth it.

To keep things short, I'll briefly mention my experiences and steps to attend a show yourself.
  1. Before you wait for the day of the trend show, remember to call your local event representative to reserve your spot in an one-on-one consultation in skin, hair, or makeup at various booths (Estee Lauder, Armani, Dior...)
    •  Book as many appointments as you like, keeping in mind of the conflicting times you have between booths.
  2. Booking your tickets to the show. 
    • Despite my purchase of the tickets, nobody checked it. You can redeem your full refund if you did not purchase anything by the end of the show. It cost $20 per person.
  3. Arriving at the show.
    •  This year I received a green tote bag with a bag of goodies. Staff members pass the bags out upon your arrival at the show. Light refreshments are served including coffee, donuts, and fruit platter.
  4. The show
    • Each top brands will have their own representative coming out on stage to talk about a few products that is featured for the season. Dazzling models are accompanied with the speaker. Through out the show, there are raffle winners consisting of must-have prizes. One lucky winner got a free clarisonic set. 
  5. After show
    • Time to attend your appointments or checking out products to buy. Many booths have discounts on specific products and many have gift with purchases. There are also demos on certain products.
Rather than a very long post, I decided to review products on the next post. See all my lovely gifts here.

Brochure with models
Brochure of the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show 2013

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