Thursday, April 11, 2013

DIY: Homemade Snacking Treats

Rice crispy treats are delicious munchies, but are often times packed with melted marshmallows, which means high content of sugar. Instead of making rice crispy treats with the traditional marshmallow and rice crispy recipe, why not add in flavorful and healthy ingredients as an alternative snacking treat. 

My mom made these delicious homemade alternative snacking treat just by tweaking the recipe. Here are some alternative ingredients: black sesame seeds, almonds, and a few sunflower seeds. Personally, this recipe beats the rice crispy treats. I love the chewiness with a nutty crunch. 

If you feel more health-conscious, try adding pumpkin seeds, pistachio, raspberry, etc. 

Sesame, Rice Crispy, Almond Treats
Sesame, Rice Crispy, Almond Treats
Sesame, Rice Crispy, Almond Treats Close-up
Close-up of Sesame, Rice Crispy, Almond Treats

Just because one wants to stay healthy, doesn't mean one has to sacrifice all the tasty flavor :)

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