Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Day Out

As an unemployed recent college graduate, I have been very unproductive and lazy. Non-stop filling applications for jobs is an overwhelming process. Yea, I need a break. The conclusion to my solution was Wednesday at D&B with half day fun! But before the fun, I must fill my stomach with some greasy food. Haha. As my degree is obtained in Nutrition, it is funny how I can indulge in such food and not feel guilty, I take that as bliss. Most people are drawn to their subconscious thoughts when it comes to guilty temptations.The chicken tenders are soft without much crispiness; could have been more juicy. However, the sauce was absolutely yummy. My meal cost around $14.99 with the $10 play credit. You can also pay the meal for $23.99 and get $20 play credit, which is more worth it. As I am not an arcade person, I chose the latter. 

Gold Fingers with Honey Chipotle Sauce Fries

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